How to plan for your party:

1. Book your date and time and choose your craft (Stretched Canvas, a pair of Wineglasses, or Canvas Tote painting)

2. Pick a painting from the GALLERY album OR let me know if there is something special you have in mind and I will create a unique painting just for you and your guests! (Does not directly translate to Wineglasses)

3. Invite your guests!!!! (Up to 20)

4. Day of party prepare your space. All you need to do is provide space to work, food and drink. I bring everything else you need!

5. Day of party I arrive an hour early to set up.

6. Plan to paint for about 2.5-3 hours, depending on the painting

7. All you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy your masterpieces and your beverages of choice and I do all the clean up!


The cost is $35 per person. This includes all supplies and instruction. Our Artists are equipped for a maximum of 21 people. You will be REWARDED for hosting a Painting on the Rocks party. We will bring you a bottle of wine just for hosting! And it gets better!!  If you have at least 5 guests, your painting is FREE! (May not be combined with other discounts) If you have 10 guests, you will receive a FREE ticket to an upcoming public event of your choice!! If you have 3 parties booked off of your party (referrals), you will receive a FREE public event ticket.


Interested in a Couple's Party? For $60 per couple, each guest will create their own painting. When hung together, the two canvases will create a whole picture. If you have 5 couples, you and your significant other will be FREE!

Children's (Ages 14 and Under) parties are $200 for up to 10 kids. After that, the cost is $20 per kid. Canvases can be pre-drawn. This is a one time $20 fee (not per canvas) and is highly recommended for children's parties.


Book your party today!


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